Thursday, 8 April 2010

Louis C. Tiffany

Last week, I went to Montreal to see an exhibition of Tiffany's work, nearly 200 pieces, all spectacular. Seeing his work was like being hit by a bolt of lightning, in terms of inspiration for me. In particular, I was moved by his interpretation of nature, by his use of just the right colour and texture of glass, and by his appreciation of the artists around him.

I was also impressed with his ability to assemble a large workshop, where he hired people to create works of art in his vision. He had many people working for him blowing glass, creating lamps, drawing church windows, spreading his art work around the world.

To see a master's finest creations is an inspiration for me, to move forward to create my own finest pieces. Check out the
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts .

If you scroll to the small print beneath the above image, you will see that this magnolia window is actually in the possession of the Hermitage Museum. It was loaned to the MMFA for exhibition. The detail image is reprinted here with written permission from the Hermitage Museum.

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