Friday, 30 July 2010

Taming the Jungle

We've had a warm and wet spring and summer here in Southern Ontario, so our garden is lush to say the least. And because I've been sewing some this summer, I haven't been out trimming and weeding and planting this summer like I usually do. Gardening is another serious hobby. We are known for our flowers and gardens. Our yard attracts birds, chipmunks, neighbours, friends and kids! Everyone enjoys a nice fire here with marshmallows on a summer evening.

This last week, I decided I'd better get outside and do some serious work out there. I've trimmed the hedge and done a lot of weeding. I'm way behind of course. With the pesticide ban, we have a lot more weeds, but more butterflies, too. I'll keep plugging away at it. One thing we don't have to do this year, is water our flower baskets. The rain this summer has taken good care of that.

But I'd rather be sewing! I'm sure all you other quilters out there can understand.

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