Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Postcard for Sylvia

My friend at work is taking a leave of absence to return to school. You know how you can see someone around at work, but never talk much to them? Well, Sylvia worked beside me for several weeks this summer, and we got to talking. She's a pretty neat person, and I enjoyed her company.

So as a farewell gift, and a reminder of me, I made her this postcard. It was easy, really. I pulled a few fabrics from my stash to fussy cut, and assembled them into this little picture. They sort of remind me of her tattoos, and the butterfly represents her transformation.

I used fusible applique, and did the quilting with invisible thread. I usually use matching thread colours, but I wanted to experiment with clear monofilament. I had in mind to do some embroidery and beading, but just didn't get that far in the process.


  1. A very lovely gift for Sylvia!

  2. Thank you for those comments. I'm working on two more postcard right now. Pics to follow.


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