Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stained Glass Inspiration

When I was driving through Parry Sound a few weeks ago, I learned about a public art collection at the West Parry Sound Health Centre. I went in to have a look. Many great paintings and a quilt were on display, which changes as the artworks are sold. What a great idea! To have such a public place as a venue that reveres local art, in such a beautiful setting to boot. Click here.

My favourite piece there was a stained glass Mandella by local artist Mary Jane Zissoff. I love the colours in it to begin with, which is what first attracted me. And for some years, I have had a keen interest in stained glass, and have been known to go out of my way to see it, in buildings both secular and non, public and private. It seems clear that she used the surrounding natural world as her inspriation, and I really like the way the window is stylized and repeated in a circular way, set slightly off vertical alignment to make it very interesting visually.

And here's another photo of the natural beauty that is plentiful in the area between Parry Sound and North Bay. A little camping there with my sister was a great way to reconnect with nature, amongst the windswept pines. We sat by this lake to watch the sun rise up and clear off the morning fog. A very magical moment.

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