Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Quilt Guild Show

People have been asking what happened to my blog, so I'm back at it.

I belong to the Waterloo County Quilters Guild, and we host a quilt show every two years. Our most recent show was a spectacular success. Comments were made about the quality of the display. We had quilts of many kinds, along with a nice variety of other quilted items like handbags, garments, brassiers, world globes, etc.

I myself entered 3 quilts, and all three were accepted. Very exciting. It is quite something to see one's own quilts hanging in a display like that. In this photo, the two larger quilts are mine, and the one in the middle is by another quilt goddess.

On the quilt on the left side, the hearts are all hand appliqued onto different denim shirt fabrics, then machine pieced and machine quilted. The one on the right is made from small patches of blues and reds grouped together into 16 patches. I machined quilted the sashing strips, and then hand quilted the blocks. I'll never hand quilt like that again! Hand work was never my thing, anyway.

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  1. Impressive work! Linda just told me your blog was back.
    Gramma Lana


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