Saturday, 7 January 2012

Magazine Junkie

Only a few of you may know me as a magazine-aholic, though I've made no effort to keep this secret. I try to limit myself to one or two favourites a month, but there are more and more good quilt magazines out there now. So now I try to limit myself to one or two quilt magazines, leaving my other favourites behind. My old favourites included Canadian Geographic, Moneysense, though I haven't given up Moneysense, and Harrowsmith Country Life, which has now ceased publication.

A recent road trip included deeking into Chapters to look for the latest offers, and I found three choice quilt magazines.

One of my regular favourites, that I hardly ever miss out on, is Quilting Arts Magazine. From this magazine, I draw inspiration and ideas. It is wonderful to see what others are doing in the Art Quilt world. There is always a feature artist, quilts from recent shows, art techniques, and reader challenge quilts. All good stuff for me. Keeps me dreaming of the day I have my own dedicated studio, and what I will do when I get there! If you click on the link, you'll also find a lot of other interesting stuff on the QAM website, blogs, e-zines, how-to's, quilt shows, and much more. Once in a while, I check this website out, too.

Another recent magazine I've just begun picking up, is Art Quilting Studio. This magazine, too, showcases art quilts. And what wonderful art these artists are doing. There is some instruction, as well, but mostly what I enjoy seeing is the depth and breadth of various artists' work. Simply amazing. This issue shows work in many different styles, including articles on an orderly approach to Grout Quilting by Robin Ferrier, and a freeform style on Designing With Intuition by Deborah Fell. Very inspiring, both of them. Check out both of their links to see more of their work.

And the third magazine I found is a new one for me, International Quilt Festival. Wow. This one had not crossed my radar screen before, but now that I've been to IQF in Houston, this magazine really grabbed my attention. This issue had a lot of photos of the quilts I saw in Houston, and it just took me right back there. Love it. I enjoyed Houston so much, and this magazine so much, I'm thinking of going there again this year. Maybe crazy, but that's how quilt people are. On a side note, I'm in the process of picking holidays at work for the upcoming year, and I find myself picking weeks that include quilt festivals.

I'll include one last word on magazines. Available in my local grocery store is an old standby, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, for all things newsy in the world of quilting. I've enjoyed this magazine for about 12 years now, buying it before I actually made any quilts. It was my first inspiration for making quilts, and continues to be a good source for me, though I admit to not faithfully picking up every issue, being interested more now specifically in art quilts than traditional quilts. This magazine always contains a nice mix of art quilts, pieced quilts, patterns, readers' quilts, upcoming show info, new gadgets, and general quilt world news. It will continue to be a favourite.

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