Sunday 19 February 2012

Quilt Guild Presentation - Ailsa Craig Quilt Festival

Wednesday night was my Waterloo County Quilter's Guild meeting, and there were two treats in store for us. Well, there are always many treats, like member show and tell, a well-stocked library, a featured quilt store, and a fabric bank. There is always an excellent presentation by a known quilter, but for this meeting there was an added bonus.

The first presentation we saw was by a volunteer group from Ailsa Craig, which is near London, Ontario. Jane Walker spoke about how the group came to fruition when they wanted to continue bringing in international quilters to the London area. This year, May 1st to 5th, 2012, they are presenting Quilts of Denmark, and had some examples to show. They have been travelling to many quilt guilds to drum up interest in their show. What a fabulous way to promote their show: the audience gets to see some of the quilts, hear from other quilters, (and their husbands!), all before the actual show itself. I greatly enjoyed this presentation, and now must see the entire show. There are workshops as well, and I'll have to see if I can schedule in at least one.

This photo is of Jane Walker, with four of the Quilts of Denmark. From left to right, we see Starry Starry Night by Maria Harrits, Out of the Box by Merethe Soeby, Travelling Scrap Quilt by Lena Cristensen, and Ladybirds in Shadow by Britta Stade.

Later that evening, the main presentation was by Cathy Miller, the singing quilter. She is somewhat world famous, having been singing about quilts for some years now, and in many locations around the world. She tours with her husband, and was in the Waterloo area this week for our guild meeting. What a wonderful show she does. If you've ever seen her quilts, or heard her sing, you'll know what I mean. She talks about her quilts, sings about her quilts, and weaves stories about her life into her songs and her quilts. What a beautiful example of an artist living her passion. I'm very inspired. Check her website here.

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