Friday, 20 April 2012

Quilters' Guild Amazement

Last night, I was at the Waterloo County Quilters Guild meeting. Always amazing, always inspirational.

Our guest speaker was Sandy Simmilink, from Burlington, with a wonderful presentation. She graciously allowed me to photograph her quilts, which she had all on display when I entered the meeting. This is unusual, because most presenters do not display their quilts until they speak, so I enjoyed talking to Sandy, and looking closely at all the detail work in her award-winning quilts. Photos also are presented here with her permission.

Sandy's work includes a lot of antique fabrics, 3D flowers, hand and machine quilting, embellishments, and great design elements. She told stories of her life, how she was encouraged to make things at a young age, and the women in her family all being able to do hand work of all kinds. Sounds like my family!   It's not surprising she makes such wonderful heirloom quilts.

Also, at every guild meeting, we have a featured quilt shop from the area, from which we may purchase goodies. It's great, to have the quilt store come to us!  This month's feature vendor was Grantham books, which sells only books related to quilting. One may think one has died and gone to heaven, when one first encounters the display and general vastness of books available, all at very reasonable prices, I might add. If only one could purchase a copy of every book!  They have been around at a few area quilt shows, so I have a number of books in my collection from there. Last night, I did not escape unscathed, leaving with three new books. It's all good.

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