Friday, 25 May 2012

A Wee Quilt Challenge

McDougall Cottage, Cambridge, Ontario
I've been meaning to get to Cambridge this week for the Wee Quilt Challange at the McDougall Cottage, link here, and finally had my chance today. This McDougall Cottage is in the historical area of Galt, and was home to two Scottish families for over a century.

What a treat. Each year is slightly different. This year, each participant had a piece of the challange fabric, a plaid designed for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and had to use it to portray the theme of Plaids at Play.

And play they did. From kites to bears, from board games to sports games. It is amazing how people interpret a theme. Each quilt is of wee size, so they are all in one room. The quilts are all very charming in themselves, in a charming cottage, with charming gardens, to make for a charming show!

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