Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Select Works at Cambridge Galleries

Recently, I went to see Select Works, an annual fibre arts show held nearby at Cambridge Galleries. They hold within their permanent collection an extensive selection of Canadian textile work. The collection pays homage to the region's rich textile history.

What really struck me about this collection is the diversity of the work presented by these very talented artists. I saw knotted leather, woven jute, painted canvas forms, woven tapestries, crewel embroidery, and many other techniques. I realized as I toured the pieces that I had gone there with the reference of art quilts on my mind.

I was pleasantly surprised to be jolted out of this comfort zone. No, this gallery sets out to collect fibre art pieces. We in the quilt world are accustomed to seeing fibre art pieces, yes, but they almost always have some quilting reference to them. So it was refreshing to see a something a little different.

As I usually do, here are a few detail photos of what impressed me most:
Linda Wallace
Without Issue: Margaret of Austria

Heather Cameron
Arbor Vitae

Karen Chapnik
Corrugated Blues
Elyse de Lafontaine
I would Like to Tell . . .


Isn't it amazing that these artists make beautiful works of art out of fibre, with the apparently similar intentions to quilt artists, without breaking out a single quilt stitch?!

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