Friday, 8 February 2013

Unmentionables, at the Guelph Civic Museum

A recent exhibition in Guelph, at the new Civic Museum, caught my attention, and I decided to go and check it out, see the link here. The building itself is an interesting example of limestone architectural beauty, in the shadow of the Church of Our Lady, one of Ontario's most significant churches.

I understand the museum has an extensive historical fashion collection, and their display of women's undergarments was intriguing. I especially liked to see the corsets, their purpose, i.e. waist management, and the effect they had on the body. 


  1. I love historical fashions. I may like them but I don't think I want to wear them.

  2. Very cool, history of unmentionables, great stuff, you are so lucky to have museums like this to visit.

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