Saturday, 10 August 2013

100 Years of Quilting, Part 2

International Plowing Match
2013 Quilt Show
The International Plowing Match, held this year in Mitchell, Ontario, previews the competition quilts in the community centre in August before the actual plowing match held in September. See previous post, in which I wrote about the antique quilts brought out from the community. I also saw all the competition quilts, too, which were an amazing display of piecing and applique.

Winter In The Garden
by Dianne Carson.
One particularly fine example of this was a quilt made by Dianne Carson, called Winter In the Garden.  The design, piecing, applique and quilting were all excellent, and made for a beautiful quilt.  It definitely deserved its first place ribbon.

Sue's Stars
by Joan Robinson
Another quilt that caught my attention was a tiny one, called Sue's Stars, by Joan Robinson.  Those small HST's are 1", and the whole quilt measures about 30x30"! Holy cow.   There is amazing accuracy in this little quilt.  I am not sure I would ever attempt to make something like this, and am impressed whenever I see such great work.  This first place ribbon is also well deserved.

International Plowing Match
Youth Quilt Display
Several other things at this show are worth noting.  One was the display of youth-made quilts.  There is apparently a large 4-H club, with members both boys and girls, who are already making quilts.  What a wonderful start.  I remember making aprons and showing beef cattle when I was in 4-H!  I went on to bigger things, though, so there is no telling where these kids will go with their quilting.  These are mostly pieced and some appliques quilts, and what a great start it is.

Another thing of interest was a display of the cookbooks that have been made throughout the years. I, of course, bought this years' 100th anniversary version.  I was thinking of my sisters, who would have loved to peruse through the many older versions.  Some of them looked like they had been well used, and some were still in pristine condition.

And a final note.  Mitchell is not far from Millbank.  And in Millbank, you will find Annie Mae's restaurant.  In this restaurant, you will find the very best pies made in perhaps all the country.  They make a Lemon Meringue to die for.  Well, they were the supplier for the pies at this quilt show, so I just HAD to sit down and have a coffee and slice of pie.  They did not have Lemon Meringue, so I had to settle for cherry.  Oh, well.  It was delish.  Such a great afternoon.  A drive in the country, and I had a good dose of rural.

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  1. I've been to Annie Mae's for pie and I have to agree, it was very good.


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