Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ice Storm 2013

You've probably heard that Southern Ontario and the provinces east of here have been having a big ice storm. We did not get the worst of it here. There was about half an inch of ice on our trees and vehicles. Getting around was a bit tricky, and the hydro was out for a couple of hours. Other than that, we didn't fare to badly. I went out to get some photos this afternoon. There were quite a few tree branches down. These big old trees that grow around are vulnerable to such storms. Just wanted to give an update, in case anybody is worried about me!


  1. Thank you for letting us know; I was wondering. It sounds like a severe weather system. Glad to hear you didn't fare too badly.

  2. Yes, we in SP were also wondering how things were going and also glad to hear that you are okay.

  3. God's Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. Hi Ilene, that is an excellent photo of the ice on the trees. I heard that the electricity was out and some people had no power or heat for 2 days or so. Glad that you are doing okay ! Happy New Year to you, and take care,

    Best wishes from Marina and Daryl at Quilt Inspiration


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