Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Big Adventure

The Canadian Quilt Association hosts a really big show every year, which travels to a different city each year in Canada. This year is Calgary, and I'm off tomorrow to see all it has to offer. Very excited. It's also turned into a family event, since many of the women in my family will be a part of my adventure, which may be the best part. Several of my sisters and in-laws are also quilters. I usually go to these things myself, so it'll be a real treat to be there with family.

Hopefully the weather clears up in Calgary before I get there. They've had big snow there this week. This is my first taste of travelling to a big quilt show, so I'm expecting all the logistics to work out. I'm sure I'll have stories to tell when I get back.

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  1. "April 2010- Calgary. This is my first taste of travelling to a big quilt show, ..."
    Just enjoying your older posts and thinking of how much your quilting has blossomed since then. I have fond memories of that show and of the Halifax show. Are you thinking of going to the 2013 show?
    Gramma in SP


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