Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Title Quilts

So, the two quilts you see in the title frame are made by myself, of course. The top one is made all from denim patches, each block about 5". Many many blocks, many many pieces, many many hours in the making! I had this one machine quilted at a local shop, Creative Sisters. It's such a big quilt, I didn't think I could quilt it on my home machine. I love the way it worked out.

The lower one in the photo is another one with a lot of piecing. It is all plaids, sorted into blues and reds, 16 patches, separated with a skinny navy sashing. I was crazy enough to start hand quilting, and had to finish it that way. It took years, but I recently finished it, and am happy to see it done. I love the way this quilt looks, too.

I am very good at cutting and piecing, once I get rolling. Finishing a quilt, not so good. I have a number of finished quilt tops ready for action, but they are not seeing much action. So I was quite happy to have not one, but two, full sized quilts completely finished this year.

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