Thursday, 22 April 2010

Back to Quilting

My taxes are pretty much a wrap, so I can return to spending some time on quilting. Which is good, because I'm pretty pumped after meeting at quilt guild last night. Our guest speaker was Sylvia Naylor, a very talented fibre artist. Seeing her work up close is an amazing experience. It is still amazing to me that all those tiny stitches and fabric pieces can be combined into a beautiful landscape piece.

I took this quilt in last night for show and tell. It is made from 12" denim blocks, with hand appliqued red hearts. This photo is 4 blocks, finished quilt size 60x68". I like the way the red and denim combination work together. I didn't even mind the hand applique, which I could do while sitting outside on a pleasant summer evening, or while visiting over coffee, or on a road trip. I have another hand applique quilt in mind, but it might be a loooong time before it comes about.

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