Thursday, 27 May 2010

Busy, Busy

People have been trying to pry me away from my sewing machine, to no avail. I've been joining those blue and yellow blocks together. It is a big job, not only because there are so many blocks, but also because there are so many star points that I like to get all (mostly) accurate about. I've been considering how I might set them up in a quilt, too.

I've also been tearing apart the seams on a whole bunch of my uniform shirts for work. This leads to a nicely tailored look, but doesn't much advance my quilting cause. It is tempting to wear the shirts the way they come out of the package, but I like being a little non-standard, wearing my talent so to speak. Ladies at work are asking if I'll do the same to their shirts. No! It takes a lot of time, time I'd rather be quilting. I'm sure all you other quilters understand.

And the other thing I have going is printing. I tend to do things in big numbers, so I treated a bunch of fabric, cut it into printer sizes, then print, print, print. My next stage will be to treat them again, and then I can start quilting them. The printing experiment didn't work out the way I wanted, so I'm thinking of other things I can try. I was aiming to get brighter colours on my cotton prints. So I tried steaming to heat set, but this just blended the colours together. I would like to try a resist of some sort, but that will have to wait.

Oh, yeah, one other thing competing for my time. Garden planting is in full swing here in S. Ontario. We do quite a flower show in our yard, and plant many annuals and baskets, and a few vegetables. Poppies and peonies in bloom right now. We have a big heat wave going on, and I'm more comfortable inside, sewing of course.

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