Friday, 7 May 2010

Still Bubbling

Haven't actually done any quilting this week. It's been a tiring week, with overtime and an otherwise busy schedule. And there's a mountain of laundry that needs tackling. What happened to the maid?! Haven't been in the garden much either, it's either raining or I'm away.

Ideas and inspiration have come fast and furious this week, though, and I've been writing and sketching in my sketchbook. I see ideas everywhere, in dried flowers, on a walk downtown, in a metal grate, in the sunrise sky, in the budding trees, the spring flowers. I'm lucky if I have a camera in hand. The photos don't always record the way I take it in, but it helps me remember the moment, recording the mood or colours.

I don't have permission to post photos of the quilt art I saw at Quilt Canada, but here are a couple of links to the artists that were showing. Lesley Turner, Donna Clement, and Elaine Quehl.

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