Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A lot going on

There has been a lot going on, I just haven't been writing it down. I was on holidays last week, and I had a long to-do list for myself. I did most everything I wanted. I did some serious sewing, I went camping, spent a day adventuring with my family, went to a couple of quilt stores, went to an air show, went to my quilt guild meeting, spent some quality time on Georgian Bay. Feeling the water, the fire, the sky, the stars, the rain, was good for my soul.

From my tailoring training way back, I am able to draft my own patterns for clothing and other sewn items. This has always been easy for me. So one of the things I did last week was create a jean-jacket style vest pattern for myself. I've had an urge lately to make some clothes for myself. Tailoring my shirts for work hasn't been enough. Now I want something different when I'm not at work, something other than my usual jeans and t-shirts. Very interesting, this new desire to present myself in a different way to the world!

I've been also working on my printed fabric landscape quilts, too, though this isn't progressing as much as I'd like. I guess I need to focus more on it, but there are only so many hours in a day! I did get some printing onto silk, with fabulous results. The colours just seem so much brighter than on the cotton. There is a tiny bit of bleeding, and I have a couple of ideas to work out.

And anybody who knows anything about me knows I love raspberries. Strawberries are in full swing around here at the moment, and I'll go out picking at a local pyo, but with all the hot weather and rain we've had, the raspberries are coming already. Feels like berry heaven. I was just out today to check on the wild blackberries that grow around here, and collected enough to get a good feed. And now I'm wondering about blueberries, which are also excellent for health. Might have to go to the farmer's market to have a look-see.

So you see there is a lot going on.

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