Friday, 9 July 2010

Scored a Finish or Two

I've been sewing some because it has been blazing hot outside lately. Too hot for picking raspberries!

Last week, I finished a baby quilt for our quilt guild. We volunteer to make Memory Quilts to go to a local hospital for when someone loses an infant. It wasn't a long project, but at the last minute, I decided to add some lace around the binding. Because I didn't plan that ahead of time, I had to hand stitch it neatly behind the binding, but I like the way it finishes the look.

And I also finished sewing together a jean jacket vest, which I had cut out from a men's denim shirt. So now the embellishment begins. I want to start with some fancy bleaching, and continue with embroidery and beading.

On top of that, I made two pairs of shorts for myself, for when I venture out into that blazing heat! I can pretty much never buy any pants off the rack, without having to alter them for a better fit. So, it is easier a lot of times to develop a pattern that fits in the first place, and just make them from scratch.

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