Saturday, 26 June 2010

Patterns Con't

I was going to go pick raspberries this morning, but it started to rain just as I was getting my shoes on. So a new plan was in order. This means quilting, of course. One of the best things about living in this house is how quiet it is on Saturday mornings. Now, it would be in my nature to get out to the farmer's market or such on a Saturday morning, but it is so peaceful here that I have grown accustomed to work at sewing instead.

Why is it so quiet, you ask? I leave for work early during the week, and leave all the pets fed, so they and Steve mostly sleep until I get home early afternoon (Steve works late). I walk the dog on weekends and feed everyone, then they all sleep at least until noon! What a treat. It's a good formula for me to get things done.

So this morning, I was cutting out those two vests, and made yet another pattern, this time for a jacket. I have fabric lined up for it, real yard goods, not a recycled garment this time.

For now the rain seems to have moved through, and I can go out for those raspberries.

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