Monday, 9 August 2010

Choosing fabrics

Guess what? I picked out colours and fabrics for my applique project. I always dread this part, thinking that I might not have the fabrics on hand that I will want to use (gasp!). Turns out, I have plenty, ha ha. I can relax, my stash is adequate. And when did I collect all these greens? These are just the ones I want. I usually sway towards aqua, teal, and yellowy greens when I buy greens, but I must have been expanding when I picked these up. I have oodles of reds, so that isn't a problem. Plus with red, there are only so many variations before you start getting into pink, burgundy, or orange. But so many greens. I might add or remove some, but this is where I'm starting.

I've been playing around on the computer quite a bit. I'm trying to upload a slideshow for your entertainment. In an early '90's phase, I made quite a few kites with a previous partner. Going through my stuff to choose fabrics, I came across a box of old photos. These kites are related to making quilts, except I made the fabric skins, and he made the frames to make them fly. So now, I'm happy to be making quilts all by myself. I'll preview one here, and keep working on the slideshow in the sidebar.
I've also been looking at other quilt blogs, and I want to work at listing some of the ones I follow in the sidebar, too. This also takes time. Fun, but not productive towards making quilts.

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