Saturday, 7 August 2010

A Big Day

I keep talking about those berries. Yes they take away from my quilting, but they are important to my life!

Today, I drove about 2 hours away, near Collingwood, Ontario, to pick blueberries. While I picked, I chatted away with an elderly lady from the area. Very delightful. And I came home with a huge bucket of berries, 17 quarts. Everyone is amazed when I carry these around, but I'm a very committed picker. I don't go to just pick a quart or two! I get serious about it. Most of them went into the freezer, to be enjoyed throughout the winter. I have to stop now, though, because the freezer won't hold any more. Either that, or buy another freezer. Hmmmm.... The possibilities.

In every town I drove through, I was keeping an eye out for quilt stores, but I was mostly on side roads, and didn't see any. Silly me for not checking it out before I left, so I could detour. Maybe I'll get some quilting done tomorrow.

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  1. Mmmmmmm! Blueberries. Sound so good. One summer I was in Seattle, Washington for a month with my parents. We picked blackberries twice a day. I made at least 4 blackberry pies a week and bottled pie filling, and made jam, and ate blackberries to we were blue in the face (haha). They always seem to taste better when you pick them yourself. Good luck with your quilting projects too.


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