Sunday, 20 November 2011

Classic New York

I wanted to include a few general photos of my trip to New York City in March 2011.  I was quite taken with the city. It felt quite familiar, because we've heard of all the landmarks in movies and on tv. And there were all the landmarks, right alongside my travels. Central Park, Macy's, David Letterman studio, Broadway, Fifth Avenue, the Chrysler Building, Yellow Cab, etc, etc. It seemed comical in a way. I flew in on a clear bright morning, right after sunrise, and noticed the shadows from the highrises as I landed, snapping photos all the while. Quite a sight.
I was also quite surprised by the straight streets and avenues. Seemed very orderly. One can stand in the middle of the avenue, and see pretty far, with no obstructing buildings in the way, or curves in the road to mess up the view. And New York is built up, so many of the street level views are like concrete canyons. It is quite different from anything I have seen before, so it was quite intriguing.

Most people get around New York by walking or by cab. It is not far or expensive to travel in Manhatten by cab, so I did that a few times. It seemed most of the vehicles on the roads are cabs. It is also not far to walk anywhere, so I did a lot of that, along with many, many other people. New York is very heavily populated, and there were an uncomfortable number of people out and about.

There also isn't much greenspace around, so it is no wonder that people hang out in Central Park. It definitely is a concrete jungle. New York certainly made an impression on me.

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