Friday, 16 March 2012

Harbingers of Spring

We have begun to see signs of Spring all around, but one knows for sure spring is here when the crocuses have bloomed. When I was a wee lass growing up on the prairies, we would watch for the wild ones to know that spring had arrived. I remember them as such a pretty purple colour, a colour which I greatly love to this day. I have a number of the beautiful cultivated varieties in the yard, but none are as lovely as I remember the wild ones being. I'm willing to admit it could be a memory thing, but perhaps not. Plus, they remind me of my mom, who knew all the names of the wild flowers I brought home, and surely loved seeing the crocuses, and any other sign of spring, too.

Also in our yard, we have a willow tree, that grows an abundance
of catkins, or pussy willows. We had these on the farm, too, although we had to go hiking through the fields to find them around the big slough. Again, the wild willows were more delightful than the "tame" one we have now. Then, as now, they are a treat to cut and bring inside.

There are more signs of spring to come, but these bring hope and joy to the changing of the seasons.

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  1. I'm thoroughly catching up on your blog - wonderful quilt shows, your photographs of nature, the trips through the country - they all make me want to pack up and move to Ontario.
    That is not to say that nature, the country and the quilts in Alberta are not worthy. I saw Linda McKinnon at the grocery store today - boy did we have things in common - scrapbooking, quilting, sore knees, travels, family in Provost Lodge...


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