Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just Like Making a Quilt

Last week, after much planning, discussion, and general thinking, we had somebody in to build an interlocking patio for us. Measures 15 x 21 feet. We had decided on a nice red brick, with a lighter coloured inner border. The bricks arrived, and a bobcat-type machine came in to dig out our existing concrete driveway. The bricks were all in sizes of multiples of 3":  12x12, 6x9, 3x6, 6x6".  When the guys were laying down the bricks, I commented to them that it was just like making a quilt, I got some funny looks from them! You know what it's like, you make blocks in different sizes, all in multiples of 3", all the blocks will fit together, even if you set them up randomly. Add your borders, and you have a quilt. You can see the similarities, can't you? Between the quilt, and the brick patio? I knew you quilt people would get it. 

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