Sunday, 17 June 2012


Have you been to Goderich lately? It's a lovely town on Ontario's west coast, on the shore of Lake Huron. Easily one of Ontario's prettiest towns, it was devastated last August in a few minutes by a  tornado. Full of beautiful historic properties, some of Goderich's best buildings were heavily damaged, including the quilt store, Quilters by the Square. They had to move to another temporary location, and are now happily back in their original store. To drive around the town, you would never know there had been a tornado, so cleaned up is the area. I was impressed. The only remains now of the tornado  are the big stacks of firewood you see here and there!

The reason I travelled to Goderich was to see their guild's quilt show, It's The Berries, featuring strawberries, of course. Everyone attending the show received a stuffed strawberry for a keepsake, and yummy strawberry shortcake to take home in their tummy. Both excellent ideas.

The guild show was fabulous. You see a lot of really nice pieced quilts at these guild shows, and this one was no exception. There are many very talented quilters in Goderich.

Amongst the displays was the President's Challenge, shown at left. The theme, A River Runs Through It, was very cleverly ties together with water fabric. The previous challenge was also on display, along with many other small wonderful wall quilts and art quilts. A most excellent presentation from quilt appraiser Judy Lyons rounded out the whole experience for a most enjoyable day.

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