Sunday, 3 June 2012

Seams Like Home, Quilt Canada 2012

Mini Quilt Demo, Quilt Canada 2012
with TrendTex Challenge in background
I think I am ready now to post some photos of the quilt events at the 2012 Quilt Canada show, Seams Like Home. Except for the Grand National Show, of course. Photographs are not allowed there, so you either have to go there to see the quilts yourself, or order the catalogue, to see the quilts. And really, you must see all of the quilts in one room, in person, to fully comprehend the beauty of it all.
Mariner's Quilt Guild show at Quilt Canada
Nova Scotia Miniature Quilt Challenge
at Howe Hall, Quilt Canada
I think  I can show you some of the other elements of the show that I enjoyed, though.

Mayflower Quilters Guild
at Quilt Canada 
Needlework Exhibition
Canadian Needlework Guilds
That Needlework exhibition, shown on the right, was really something. I have done only a very small amount of embroidery in my lifetime, and I have great respect for the work of these artists.Link to the Canadian Embroiderers' Association here.  I speak every year, at the St. Jacobs Quilt Festival, with the guild from Guelph, and love their work, too. To see work from all across Canada, on such a scale, and in such variety, was truly amazing.

I must say, I am looking forward to next year's Quilt Canada show, already making plans for it.

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