Sunday, 3 June 2012

Halifax Harbourfront

Halifax skyline
Citadel Hill, Halifax
Halifax Harbour
Nova Scotia Crystal, Haliax
We spent our last day in Halifax on the waterfront. On such a sunny day, it was very pleasant.

Took in Citadel Hill, the farmer's market, an art gallery showing quilts of course, a ferry ride across Halifax Harbour to Dartmouth, a nice lunch, and a wee purchase at the Nova Scotia Crystal store, link here. On the ferry ride, the wind was up nicely, and the harbour filled with sailboats. What a sight to see.

The whole Halifax quilt show is finished for this year, and I'm back at home today. I'm taking it easy, still taking it all in, and getting ready to go back to reality at my job tomorrow. Sigh.

I've been looking this morning at all my photos of the whole trip, and I do not regret taking so many. I like to get photos of a lot of details of my trip, for one thing to help me remember where I've been and what I saw, and for another to help me remember what I felt and how I reacted when I was there. Reviewing my photos months or years later brings it all back, and I almost always wish I'd taken more pictures! There is a fine balance for me, between taking enough photos to remember the event, and taking so many that it distracts me from the experience of being at the event.

Anyway, what a trip it was to Halifax. Like many of my other big trips, this might be one of those life changing ones. I was so impressed with the city itself, and with the quilts, too, it may take me a while to absorb it all.

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