Friday, 21 September 2012

Warm Happy Feet

I had a little bit of a different kind of fun today. My mom and my neighbour used to knit slippers for me, and they are both gone now, so I've been thinking about how I could make a pair for myself. I can only knit simple scarves, so knitting slippers is out of the question for me!  I dug around on the internet, and found this site, to make slippers out of felted sweaters, but can't do the crochet thing either. Sad, but true. Felting the sweater was easy. A quick trip through the washer and dryer yielded a thick tight wool. And I love these colours. I wasn't wearing this sweater anymore so it wasn't hard to think about turning it into slippers.
I looked a bit more on the internet, and found this site, but this isn't exactly what I wanted. So then I decided to play around with the ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, to see if I could make something work.  I used a chalk marker to outline my foot, for the top part of the slipper.  I had already traced my foot onto paper for a pattern for the bottom of the slipper.

Cutting out the pieces came next, and then sewing them together. I sewed each of the long pieces along the ribbing for the top seam. Then I added the long pieces to the foot shape.

It all came together quite quickly,  but I am already thinking how I could make another pair, with improvements. This may never happen, but I like to think about it.  For example, the seam is bulky when it is sewn by machine. It might be better to blanket stitch it by hand, for a flatter, smoother look. Also, I'm not loving the way the ribbing band lays at the front of the slipper. And I think I would like two layers on the bottom, instead of just one.  There is always the challenge of finishing up the top edge, though, and hopefully something will come to me.

One thing is for sure, though, and that is that these slippers sure are warm!  My feet are very toasty and happy.

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