Saturday, 26 January 2013

A whole new Foot

 My sewing machine came with a darning foot, which I was happily using for my free motion embroidery. It wasnèt quite right, however, and while I had adjusted to the way it works, I kept thinking if I had designed it, I might have made it a little differently. Just how my mind works.

So our friend was over at Christmas, who happens to me a millwright.  He knows his metals, so it occurred to me to ask him about this foot. What I wanted to know was this:  can I grind away any of the extra metal, and how much can I grind away.  I wasnèt surprised by his answer. He said to dig out the Dremel tool, and start grinding.

I could picture my dad out in the garage creating something better out of something at hand, so away I went.  I cut away the front part, and made the sides a little smaller. I just kept grinding until I had it the way I wanted it. Our friend was watching to make sure I didnèt get too carried away!  I realize newer machines are supplied with just such a foot, but my 30 year old machine was made for actual darning. Machine quilting was still in the future at that point.

Amazing.  I now have fantastic visibility for my free-motion quilting. When I tried it out, it made such a big difference in my quilting. Itès like I took a giant leap forward. I have to say I am quite please with myself.

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