Saturday, 26 January 2013

Machine Trouble

I have been noticing some trouble with my sewing machine tension, so I was playing around with it, trying to get it set right. I did not want to take it in for servicing, and have to live without it for a few weeks. So I was determined to get it back to normal myself.

Re-threading, checking again and again, still not working right. Then I noticed the bobbin thread was not coming up through the throat-plate very smoothly. I thought, that isn├Ęt right. So I got serious about it. A thorough cleaning and oiling was in order, which always helps. What really set it right was when I completely got into the bobbin case to make sure it was clear of lint and thread bits. There must have been an obstruction in there somewhere, but it is gone now.

What a big relief. So I am back at it, still . . . working on my Christmas quilt. It seems daunting at this point.  But I am not that far from finishing the quilting, so I am thinking I should just get it done. It would just be so much easier to put it away for a while.  The whole project seems to be more manageable to me if I think of it in small chunks, either a small section, multiplied by four corners. Or just to work for a quick half hour, and surprise myself with getting one section done. Then, I want to work all day. Funny how that goes. I know I will be much happier when it is done, and I am sure you will be, too!

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