Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Little Organizing

After a busy week, I wanted to sleep in a bit today, but I was so excited to work on quilts that I got up early and have been at it ever since! My mind is swirling with quilt thoughts, images and calculations keeping me up at night. Not complaining, though, it's good.

I went through all some of my stuff, in various boxes around the house, and pulled out all my large quilt tops that need to be quilted and finished up. One of them is the first quilt top I pieced in 2000! I finally think I can get to quilting all of them, but they need to have backings and bindings made, and battings purchased. So I made myself a chart to keep it all clear. I found 5 completed tops, and 5 with blocks made. I keep finding plastic zipper bags in my stuff, with cut pieces or blocks along with my scribbled notes.

I think I've gotten a little smarter, since now when I make a quilt top, I plan and make the backing, binding and sleeve to go with it. This makes actually finishing the quilt much more likely. I usually make a complex backing, so it is not a simple or quick task to get that done. And if I wait until some time later, I've lost the train of thought that went with making the top. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to get the same colours and look to the back. Experience has taught me to do the whole thing at the same time.

It will take some work to get all of these done, but I am determined at the moment to get on with it. I think it's time to actually get some of these projects finished, wouldn't you agree?

Another thing I was working on yesterday and today is this quilt I was planning, out of white shirts and skinny red lines. This one, too, was started a while ago, I cut up some white shirtings I had left from my tailoring days, along with some other b&w's I had accumulated, and appliqued these red lines on, in a random way. I started off random, then I was trying to set them up into a heart pattern, but they just weren't made to cooperate that way. I wish I'd thought of the heart thing before I appliqued, but this is what I have. So I've reverted to the random idea. I can't leave them out too long around here, so I'll probably just go with what I have.

I'm hooking this up to Leah Day's UFO Sunday blog post, link here.


  1. This post makes me feel better about my yet-to-be-quilted tops! :-)

  2. Margaret,

    I'm wondering now how many quilt tops there are out there in the quilting world, waiting to be quilted and finished up. If each quilter has five, and there are how many quilters in Canada. . . Not judging, just saying.


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