Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Quilt Photos

by Ilene Atkins
by Ilene Atkins
after Nancy Mahoney
used with permission
I was outside yesterday to photograph my Christmas Quilt, and wanted to also take a photo of another quilt I made a few years ago. I did not have a single photo of it, good or bad, so it was time to add it to my bio.

The quilt I have shown on the left is called Wintergreen.  I made it a few years ago, not sure which year, should have recorded the date, but did not! Lesson learned. I had collected all these pretty blues and greens, and was heavily influenced by the work of Kaffe Fasset. I wrote about him here. I liked the way he put a lot of colours together into simple blocks, for a spectacular effect, and thought I might try the same idea. There are probably several hundred fabrics in this one. Again, I wish I'd recorded the details, but alas, it is all to memory, now.

To choose my colours for Wintergreen, I laid all of them out on the table outside, for natural light. I took photos to see which ones worked together, then started cutting. Zoom in to see the borders, subtle, but they are there. And to quilt it, I had the two vertical halves quilted to two separate pieces of backing fabric, so I would not have so much bulk in my machine, then joined the two halves. Worked really well, but I don't know if I'd do it again. I kind of like to have the whole quilt top made in one shot, rather than having two pieces of it sitting around, taunting me! Seems more finished that way.

And the Christmas quilt, you've seen parts of it here in my blog before, and I can finally show the whole thing finished. It should be noted that I styled this design after Nancy Mahoney's quilt called Pomegranate Passion, in QNM's Best Christmas Quilts, 2012, image reproduced here with her permission. See the link here. Stardust is officially now in the storage box under the bed, and will be brought out with the other Christmas stuff in December.

I hope you enjoy both of them.


  1. Greetings from
    Kamloops, B.C. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to reply to your comment, but you are a ' no reply' blogger. You can fix it by adding an e-mail address to your blogger profile ; ) wouldn't want you to miss out on prizes if you should win on someone's blog.
    Happy stitching to you!

  2. LUV your Wintergreen quilt - it's the scrapiness and the colours that really appeal to me. And the red in the border just gives it that little punch. One of my sisters made a very similar on (different borders) and made the little diamonds hot pink & yellow. It was gorgeous too.


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