Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Quilt for Sienna

I've finished piecing the quilt top for Sienna's quilt. It seems quite bright to me, and even though I love bright quilts, I have to go with my intuition on this one. I hope my friend likes it, and more importantly, will her daughter like it? We shall see!

I had originally planned to make a piano border out of all the colours I had used in the blocks, but when I laid it out to look at it, I decided it need a stronger, more defined border, so I used a nearly black print with a skinny pink line to separate the two border fabrics. I'm not sure what I will use for binding. I might choose one of the greens, or make it the same black as the last border. There is still time for that decision. I'm hoping to get the quilt sandwich finished tonight, so I can get on to quilting. I'd like to get this puppy finished, because it is a bit warmer now and the garden is demanding some attention.

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  1. Very nice! What about putting the different colours together for a binding, which would contrast with the black. Say hi to Tigger from Pye ;) I still think that they are kin!

  2. It looks very cute! I also like the idea of having a colourful binding.

  3. The bright colours are gorgeous and there is not a girl in the world who doesn't like butterflies! I would go with that hot pink as the binding.

  4. its gorgeous, what's not to love about it. The borders are perfect.


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