Friday, 19 April 2013

Mississauga Quilters Guild

Mississauga Quilters Guild
2013 Quilt Show
This afternoon, I traveled into Mississauga to see the MQG quilt show, Off the Wall and Under the Covers, link here. What a fabulous quilt show. The guild worked hard to pull together over 250 quilts to display, large and small. I spoke to a number of people, and everyone was quite friendly. And as I listened to several different languages, I was reminded that I miss the multicultural element of the city. It was great all around to be at this show.

MQG small quilt draw
MQG has over 100 members, a very talented group of quilters indeed. I saw quite a variety of pieced and appliqued quilts:  everything from teddy bear quilts, Christmas quilts, Dr. Seuss quilts, miniature quilts, tie-dye quilts, theme challenge quilts, miniature quilts, and an impressive collection of antique sewing machines. The guild had quite a number of small quilts in a raffle draw, in which you buy 3 tickets, and put your name into the draw bag to go with that quilt. I would love to win one! I didn't come home empty-handed, though, since I managed to pick up a few things from the quilt vendors.

I will include a few detail photos of some of the quilts I really enjoyed. Perhaps you will be able to get to this show tomorrow and be dazzled yourself. And don't forget to check out my page on upcoming Ontario quilt shows, link here, and go see a quilt show near you. Threadworks begins tomorrow, and The Grand National begins Sunday. Go now! It really is a wonderous thing to see so many great quilts all at one time.

Chickadee, detail
by Helen Anne Lemke
Still Holding Hands
by Jane Burke

Heavenly Hankies, detail
by Jane Burke

Building Houses, detail
by JaniceTelfer

My Mother's Rose Garden, detail
by Elizabeth Kwadren

Bound to Be Beautiful, detail
by Jane Burke


  1. Thank you very much for your inspiring blog.
    I appreciate also the link to the list of shows.
    Quilt shows are much appreciated by many.
    Squeeze Tiger for me, please!

  2. : O
    wow those are all so great! Oh that 'still holding hands' is just adorable. What a great show. I can't wait for our next show in the fall. It's amazing to see so many different pieces under one roof.

    : )
    thanks for showing us!
    Monika in Saskatoon


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