Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Grand National Quilt Show

Autumn at Snyder's Flats
by Ilene Atkins
I can finally show you this quilt! It is called Autumn at Snyder's Flats, though everyone just calls it The Butterfly Quilt! I wrote about it here. I spent this afternoon at the opening reception at The Grand National here in Kitchener, link here.  The gallery was abuzz with quilty energy. It felt fabulous to be there, and to see my quilt on display with all the others. I was in the company of other great quilt artists, and truly amazing quilt art. This show goes until June 23, 2013, and is part of the St Jacob's Quilt & Fibre Art Festival, taking place in many communities in the area from May 21 to 25, 2013, link here. Perhaps you will be able to get to take in this show or one of the others in the area.


  1. It is a beautiful piece, of course it needs to be seen in person to really to appreciate it.

    I was also at the opening, would have loved to meet you. So many people, so much too see....we just don't get a chance to chat with everyone.

    Hope you enjoyed the day

  2. I thought this was a snapshot photo. I clicked on it to enlarge, and it's so lovely! Beautiful quilting, and love your butterfly, and flowers. What size is this quilt? Is it yours, or did you make for someone? It deserves to be on display.


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