Monday, 20 May 2013

Quilt Canada 2013

The Quilt Car
Quilt Canada 2013
Penticton, BC
Maker unknown
I just arrived home from Quilt Canada in Penticton, and what a trip it was! I met my sisters from Edmonton there, and we all had such a nice time. One sister grew up without the sewing gene, and has somehow magically turned into a quilter, and the other sister also has quilting magic. One brought along a husband who also enjoys quilts, perhaps more than your average husband. And he's a great driving tour guide. We all loved seeing the quilts in the National Juried Show, the Invitational show, and the SAQA Western Canada exhibit. No photos of the quilts, though, you had to be there for that.

Silmakeen River, BC
Okanagan Lake overlooking
Penticton, BC
Kelowna Harbour, BC
Orchards near Kelowna, BC
We also did some driving tours, through the beautiful scenic BC mountains. Stopped at all the quilt stores and fudge shops in the Okanagan. Bought lots of quilt fabrics and supplies. Shopped for shoes and dresses. Found good restaurants. Had a few lot of laughs. Found those houses at the top of the mountain. Checked out the vineyards and orchards. Covered a lot of ground, had a great time. We are talking already about meeting up for next year's Quilt Canada in St. Catherine's.

This week I am on holidays, and I will be taking in the quilts at the St. Jacob's Quilt and Fibre Art Festival, see the schedule here. It is a lot to take in, and I have four days, but I will see as much as I can. There is also a lot of garden work to do this week. I'm also thinking of starting a quilt for an upcoming wedding present, so I'll be very busy. If you are interested, I wrote about the 2012 St. Jacob's Quilt and Fibre Art Festival here, here, and here.

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  1. WOw. It seems like just a little while ago was Quilt Canada 2012. How did THAT happen? Must have been that ridiculous winter we had. ?



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