Wednesday, 22 May 2013

St. Jacob's Quilt and Fibre Art Festival 2013

The Grand National 2013
I finally had a chance to go back to the Grand National here in Kitchener, at Homer Watson House, to see all the quilts with the room not packed full of people! It is such a delightful show. I spoke to one of the jurors, and felt so warmly welcomed.

The Grand National 2013
Photos were allowed, so I will show you a couple of general shots of the room. This is a departure from my usual close-up detail shots, and I wanted you to get the general feeling of the room. It is such a great venue, with good natural lighting, and each quilt is shown so well. This is a really enjoyable show.

My quilt is in the left photo, on the bottom left corner, the monarch butterfly, which I wrote about here.  I will be working hard to enter a quilt for the next show in two years.

Eilean Donan Castle
Patricia Ryckman-Fleming
Also today, I went to see the Wee Quilt Challenge at MacDougall Cottage in Cambridge. I'll show you my favourite wee quilt. It was Eilean Donan Castle, by Patricia Ryckman-Fleming, from Burlington. I just love the colours she used, and the way she managed to capture the essence of the castle. Very moving. All of the quilts were outstanding, moving to the Auld Sod theme, and all had a real feeling of Scotland. One of these years, I will be doing a quilt for this show, too!

I was in a couple of quilt stores today, too, and planting annuals in the garden, so it's been a busy day. Tomorrow, I'll be in St. Jacobs to take in the quilt shows there, and maybe get to another quilt shop or two.


  1. What lovely quilts were in the show. I especially like the one that looks like an icon. And wee is that wee quilt?

  2. Photos at Grand National? Wish I had brought my camera when I was there last week....oh well, there will be a catolouge....I love to be able to sit and read all the statements that go along with the beautiful works.
    The quilts at McDougall cottage are terrific and so diverse.....from intricate hand work to thread painting....and everything in between.....I hope you will enter next is always a great experience.


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