Saturday, 25 May 2013

St. Jacob's Quilt & Fibre Art Festival 2013 Part 2

Schoolhouse Theatre, St. Jacob's
I was able to be in St. Jacob's on Thursday to take in some of the quilts there. This week has been quite busy, so I haven't seen all the quilt displays in the entire festival the way I did last year. That was quite a quilt marathon, this year was a little more low-key. 

Two Years With Kaffe and
He Still Doesn't Know My Name

by Marsha Clarke
I saw such great quilts in this show, and the theatre is terrific venue. Those tall old church windows lend good natural light, and the quilts really show well in this setting. Local quilter and guest artist Marsha Clarke was the featured quilter here, and there were quite a number of her quilts on display. She loves everything from traditional to art quilts, and had a lot of different styles on display. I chose her quilt at right to show you, because I like the way she used these different Kaffe Fassett fabrics to show within the applique work.  I loved seeing all the different types of quilting she showed us. Makes me realize I don't have to stick to one particular kind of quilting. 

Dolls made in a class
taught by Raija Gaskell
There were a good number of very nice pieced quilts that I enjoyed, a 
Schoolhouse Theatre
 Jacob's Quilt Show
cute doll display, too.

X-Block Quilters Display

The other display I saw in St. Jacob's was at the Mennonite Church, which displayed quite a number of quilts destined for the Mennonite Relief Sale, on today in New Hamburg. I wrote about this last year, here, and here. Also part of this display were the most excellent quilts of the local quilting group, X-Block Quilters. A group of 15 quilters make blocks and exchange them, each putting them together into their own quilts. So the quilts are similar, but not the same. Very nice.

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