Wednesday, 31 July 2013

More FMQ

I finished up my First Quilt. I've had no chance to get a photo, yet, but that will follow. Meanwhile, I had another look at my WIP list. I seem to have a disjointed stack of tops, backs, and battings in the box. Battings that fit get scavenged for other projects that come up! I shouldn't do that to myself, but it seems easier than a run across town for new batting, when I have some on hand. So it seems I currently have 2 battings on hand, along with tops and backs to go with them. In keeping with my previously stated goal to get all these tops turned into quilt this year, they are next on the list.

For now, I've pulled out this quilt from deep within the storage boxes. I'd worked on it some years ago, and did not do the sandwich properly, so the back had quite a few puckers. Very frustrating to not know what I was doing at the time! I am now resolved to get this one fixed up and finished. Sometime between then and now, I fixed all of that puckering, so I can proceed with the quilting.

It's funny, I had started quilting this with echo quilting and stippling. Having a little more experience now in Free Motion Quilting, stippling doesn't much interest me. At that time, it was all I knew how to do! There are so many other possibilities now, but I will finish what I started, with lesson learned. It's going well. I had forgotten how much I liked these red applique hearts. Makes me want to start another applique project. . . Maybe.

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  1. Way to keep with those old WIPs. It has to feel good when you get one done and out of storage.

    Those little red hearts are sure cute on those woven stripes. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. I do that with battings - and backings! too! Now I've got quite a stack to keep me busy. You've got the right idea, just set them up and get them done!

  3. This is a beautiful quilt. That is a lot of appliqué hearts! Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Yes, I have so many things in progress that they stack up...I usually don't scavenge but that means I do have to buy more...the shopkeeper loves me.

  5. Lovely and sweet quilt! I have too many times pulled out a quilt that was in the making and then years later complete it. I'm actually doing this with Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I cut out - well I am too embarrassed to say how long I hung on these dolls. I've done that with a couple of quilts too!


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