Monday, 22 July 2013

After the Storm

On Friday, there was a huge thunderstorm that rolled all through the province, and into Quebec. You probable heard about it in the news.  A cooler air mass moved in towards that hot steamy heat wave, and of course they clashed. We were all watching for tornadoes, and fortunately none happened. What we did see was a lot of wind. Estimated wind speeds of 120 km/hr. Enough to bring down quite a few trees. One of the reasons we love this neighbourhood is because of all the mature trees, but they do become vulnerable in high winds. I went out for a walk with my dog to see the local streets, and get a few pictures.

Our hydro went out, because a transformer up the street got hit by lightning. We woke up on Saturday still with no hydro. Our next door neighbour had their hydro right away, so we ran an extension cord from their deck to our fridge and freezer. Our phone was also out, so we were without internet service, also. Gasp. Seemed strange to be so unplugged. So we borrowed WiFi from the neighbour on the other side. Amazing. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, though quite a few cars were under those trees. Also, I didn't get much sewing done. I thought of unplugging the fridge for sewing, but had to rethink priorities.

Over the weekend, we heard the hum of chainsaws, generators, and wood chippers. Almost 200,000 homes in Ont. and Qu. were without power, and I think most of them are back on now. Those hydro guys sure worked hard.  So we are almost back to normal. There is quite a lot of firewood to be had, if you feel like making the drive!


  1. Yes, heard about the storm in your area. Thankfully you are okay and you have nice neighbours who shared power and WiFi. I,J,E were without power for about 5 days in the previous Toronto storm. Houses across from them backing on the creek had water up to the top of their basements but I and J had no water.
    Gramma Lana

  2. PS from Gramma,
    Hope your trailer survived.

  3. I have 2 sons that live in Waterloo...they had damage but not as bad as some of their neighbors. DH has retired so we will be moving back to the area sometime within the next 12 months or so. After living almost 12 years in the US I am anxious to be back 'home'...just not looking forward to all we have to do to get back 'home'. We lived in the Forest Heights area in Kitchener before moving to Tennessee in 2002. Happy stitching, Pauline

  4. We were lucky in Conestogo. Our power went up and down a few times, but stayed on, which was a surprise, as we lose our power at some pretty minor gusts. I didn't see any trees down here, but did see some in Waterloo. now, we did lose cable and internet for most of Saturday.

  5. I'm in Guelph - power flashed once or twice. I didn't realize just how much damage there was until we went to a local park and saw all of the trees down, and caution tape!


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