Friday, 19 July 2013

First Quilt Progress

First Quilt
I had put this quilt aside for a bit while I worked on the Magnolia Quilt, but have now been inspired to get back at it. I had been struggling with the quilting on it anyway, and needed a break. I put in some very large circles, and they had begun to get tedious. So now that hard part is finished.  I did like the way the straight line quilting in the border of the Magnolia Quilt looked, so I decided to carry that idea over into this one. And I like it here, too. I`ve been wondering what to put in between the circles, and I`m thinking I might try some cross-hatching.

This, by the way, is the first quilt I ever pieced together. I saw a tiny photo in a quilt magazine, of what I now know to be a pineapple quilt. I think it was 2000 or 2001. I did some drawing and math, and made it without a pattern. If I remember right, I started the block at the corner, instead of the centre like everybody else! In any case, I had a pieced top, but no idea how to quilt it. So it got put away until recently, when I made up my mind to master both the quilt sandwich and free motion quilting. This seemed like a good practice quilt. And now that I can see the end in sight, I`d like to have it finished, of course.

I`m linking up to Leah Days Free Motion Quilting Project, here.  I first heard about Leah Day when I was in Houston for the International Quilt Festival in 2011.  I wasn`t doing much FMQ at the time, but I was sure intrigued, and I think it was then that I committed myself to becoming better / good at the quilting part of making a quilt.  Leah Day has a great site, showing with videos how to do all kinds of fmq designs. Have a look at what she and others are doing with their quilting.

I'm also linking up with Stitch by Stitch: Anything Goes, here, and the Needle and Thread network, here.  That Needle and  Thread Network is a Canadian blog, with link-ups every week for Work In Progress Wednesday, and this is the 100th posting. There are a lot of really great Canadian Quilters out there, and that blog is a great place to see their work.


  1. Pretty ambitious for a first quilt. I like the fabric choice.

  2. I love "first quilt" stories because they all tell us something about ourselves. So many people (including me) would never even have attempted this pattern.

    You are obviously brave and creative!

  3. I agree with Autumn Adams....very nice work

  4. Lovely colours! :) Can't wait to see it completed!

  5. Way to go, on the quilting of your first quilt, and on the shout out for the Needle and Thread Network! Us Canadian quilters need to speak up.... Ahem! We are here!

    Ha, ha!
    Lorna in Ontario

  6. You sure are linked up! Love the colours of your pieced quilt and I am amazed that you designed it yourself after seeing a photo. Leah Day is my FMQ goddess, in fact she made a goddess quilt ;)...Now that I have a decent machine my plan is to follow Leah. Crosshatching seems logical for the space between the circles. Very lovely.

  7. So inspiring to pick up a first project and finally see it to completion!

  8. Fabulous quilt! Love the colours. I also love straight line quilting, can't wait to see your progress on the free motion.


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