Monday, 18 November 2013

It's Messy Around Here!

It's been crazy around here. We've been extremely busy at work, so I've been fitting in some mad sewing on the weekends. Good thing there is an angel doing housework, or it would be super crazy here!

I finished up the bag I was working on, and even worked out how to attach straps so I can use it as a backpack if I need to. I just made a long narrow strip, about 1/2" wide, and put them through grommets along the top. It cinches up nicely for a backpack. I put a lot of pockets on the inside, but find now that I'm using it, that it could have even more pockets on the outside, too. I was looking around online, and see that other quilters have made these with a lot of pockets. Something to think about, because I might like to make a few more of these in different sizes.

And I've begun to work on this quilt, which will become a dragonfly quilt.  I had originally had an idea to use all light creamy colours for a winding ways quilt for a wedding present, but changed my mind when I saw a similarly coloured quilt at a quilt show. The lack of light-dark contrast did not appeal to me. So these light blocks and green blocks sat in a basket for quite some time. I'd lost interest in finishing the quilt. I had some other mixed blocks started , and can no longer remember where I was going with those ones!

Anyway, now I've decided to cut these up into strips to make the background on which to applique a huge dragonfly, with the green ones cut up to make into a piano border. At one time I wouldn't have thought of cutting them up, but now I see no other way they will work for me if I leave them the way they are.

I've also been repairing jeans and safety vests and other items around the house. So there's a lot of stuff out on my sewing table.

The other thing on the go that might interest all of you readers is an all Canadian Blog-a-Thon.  Hosted all this week by bloggers in each region of Canada, there are prizes and links to a lot of other good Canadian bloggers. Check today's hosts, Holly's Red Bike and Winding Bobbins, both from BC.

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  1. The bag looks great and I like the idea of it being a backpack
    Cheers Pauline

  2. Love the bag and your log cabin project - I have been away from reading blogs for a while due to lap top breakdown but am happy to be back reading. Season's greetings to you and Mr. KQ. Grandma in SP


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