Monday 20 January 2014

Dragonfly Quilt

So this is the dragonfly quilt that I finished up recently. I made it for a friend of a friend. She got it today, and she loves it.

I don't know if the shimmer shows up in the photo, but I used a shimmery sheer fabric for the dragonfly, and quilted in the veins on the wings.

The background is meant to represent water and sky, and the border represents the forest, all of which are dear to the recipient.

I quilted cattails into the background, and at the last minute, decided to quilt in a heron. Perhaps you can just see it in the lower right photo. Turned out to be a spot on idea.


  1. Um...WOW! and WOW! That's beautiful!

  2. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  3. Of course she loves it! It is beautiful!!

  4. Wow just stunning
    Cheers Pauline

  5. Just got a new sewing machine and am looking for inspiring projects. This one tops the list. Beautiful. Did you use a pattern or create it yourself?


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