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You may know that I have a passion for photography. This began in high school, when my younger brother was particularly interested, and spent time in the darkroom under the stairs at the school. I was intrigued and hung out with him, developing and printing black and white photos. We had a teacher who was quite willing to grow this interest in both of us, and arranged the purchase of an excellent Canon SLR camera for the two of us the school students to use. In reality, we were the only two students who were remotely interested.

My brother would take the camera out into the fields around town, and shoot some amazing pictures of old barns and trees and such. He was then, and still is, so creative. I would sign  out the camera to take along on sports events and other school activities. I wasn't much for playing the sports, but the camera was a great way for me to get on the bus ride to these events! In our last years in school, my brother and I were taking nearly all the photos used in the year book.

So the years went by, and got busy, and I did not always have a camera at hand. Fast forward to now, and I couldn't imagine being without one. I stuck with point and shoot film cameras for a long time. With film, I always felt restricted to the 24 shots on a roll of film, and having to wait to get them printed.  I was reluctant to switch to digital, but when I did, my photography really took off. I felt a freedom I had not known before. It was very exciting to upload a lot of photos, and pick out the best ones.  I believe the quality of my photos got that much better, and my camera upgrades got better and better, too.

So I am pleased to offer a selection of my photos I find most enjoyable. I take a lot of photos of nature. Landscapes, plants, flowers, and sometimes wildlife are my most favourite subjects. I often take a camera out for a walk or bike ride or country drive, and see what I can capture.  Ontario presents a never-ending supply of beautiful scenery. Most of the photos in this slideshow are taken in and around Kitchener, some from farther north near North Bay, some from my travels in other cities, and some from my beloved homeland Saskatchewan.

I hope you enjoy this aspect of myself.


  1. Ilene, thank you so much for sharing, this is a wonderful gallery of photos.

  2. Ilene, this slideshow is so awesomely Canadian I shared it on my Flickr account! Thank you so much!

  3. Your photos are amazing! They make me want to go there and see everything. Where did you take the photo of the swans?

    1. Those swans were migrating from Chesapeake Bay on their way to the far North. They were resting near Cambridge, Ontario, when I saw them.


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