Kite-Flying Gallery

See the Kite-Flying slide show here.  You will find a show info tab if you would like to read about each kite.

Before I made quilts, I made kites. Not that big a stretch, really. I did all the fabric part, and my former partner did all the frame parts. We were a good team, travelling a lot in Canada, the US, and India to fly our kites with others who also enjoyed a pretty blue sky filled with kites.  When that relationship ended, I found myself still wanting to work with colourful bits of fabric.  I later stumbled upon the quilting world.

The face of these kites are made with ripstop nylon, cut with rotary cutters, and usually reverse machine appliqued. In many cases, I layered the coloured nylon between black and white. I then did a zig-zag stitch to join it all together, then carefully cut away the parts I did not want.

It seems a natural progression to me, that I would begin to make quilts after that.

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