Saturday 5 May 2012

Quilts of Denmark


Let's do a quick review of the greatest quilt show experiences I've had in the last couple of years:

All amazing and life-changing. Turns out, I would place the Quilts of Denmark show into this category.

Heartbeat by Linnea Hassing Nielsen
Iris by
Lisbet Borggreen
I did not want to miss the opportunity to see these quilts. You may recall, I first wrote about the Quilts of Denmark in February. You may read it here. Seeing that preview only whetted my appetite for the whole show, and what a treat that show was. There was a palpable quilt excitement there, very enjoyable to walk into and absorb. Part of that energy is the community of Ailsa Craig, which pulls together to put on a very well organized show.  Combined with another pleasant country drive, complete with seeing assorted farm babies along the way, and you have the makings of a great quilt expedition.

Double Wedding Ring
by Else Mikkelsen
The thing most striking thing these about these quilts of Denmark is the artistic and contemporary interpretation of this traditional craft and art form. A double wedding ring quilt portrayed in "wild" colours. A heart quilt styled into log cabin blocks. Appliqued flowers mixed with pinwheel blocks.  I was thinking, "Where did they get these fabrics?" These are not the fabrics we usually see at quilt stores around here. And how do they come up with these ideas? It is fascinating to see the divergence from North American quiltmaking.

In speaking with the Danish quilt makers, I have the impression that they are interested in making quilts, but have evolved away from the bed quilts that we know in North America, and have focused more on the artistic representation of the craft/art, with only a very small influence of the traditional patterns of quiltmaking. I know some of them saw the Huron Perth Quilters Guild show last weekend, and believe they were as amazed by the quilts made here, as we are amazed by the quilts made in Denmark.

These photos that follow show details of some of the fabulous quilts, since I think in these cases, the details tell much more of the story than the whole quilt picture does. As always, you may click on a photo for a better look.

Gear Wheel by Else Mickelsen
Iris in a Row by Dorte Gjelstrup
The Whisper Project
by Lene Koch Simonsen
All Dressed Up by Dorte Gjelstrup

Order & Chaos by Ulla Valnert
Summer by Aase Pedersen
Angler's Dream by Gurli Gregersen 

Spring I by Karin Ostergard
Family Rings by Mona Paulsen
Spring Field, Winter Field
by Charlotte Yde

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  1. Fantastic, I am of Danish family background and lived in Denmark during my growing up years and it is so good to see the quilts from there they are like pieces of art.


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