Monday 14 May 2012

St. Jacob's Quilt Festival 2012, Part 2: Henny's Mini's

The Quilt Place
Shakespeare, Ontario
Spectrum: Light Drizzle
  © 2012 Henny Bremer
I went on Friday to see another segment of the St. Jacob's Quilt & Fibre Art Festival. This was at The Quilt Place, a wonderful quilt shop in the small community of Shakespeare. Isn't it great that you go into a quilt store, and see a fabulous quilt display as well?

The Quilt Place featured Henny Bremer's Minis. Henny has made a name for herself in this area as a master at making tiny versions of many traditional and nontraditional blocks.

© 2012 by Henny Bremer
About 30 of Henny's  minis were on display this year, and they are such a treat to see. Each quilt is about 12" x 16" or so, and has a lot of pieces machine stitched together. A lot. Log Key-Cabin, for example, from Judy  Martin's Log Cabin Book, has 1094 pieces. Amazing. The two quilts featured here are all recent works.

These mini's might seem like a crazy endeavor, but you know how quilters are! Henny just does what she does, and turns it into magical quilts. That's the wonder of each individual quilter, what fascinates me, what keeps me interested in seeing the work of so many other quilters.

Photos of Henny's work reproduced here with permission.

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  1. Henny Bremer's miniature quilts are masterpieces. I can't believe how beautiful and exact her work is. She is an artist extraordinaire.


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