Friday 4 May 2012

Dandelions vs. the World

The dandelions have taken over, and we are no longer in control of the situation!  A couple of years ago, our province of Ontario banned pesticide and herbicide use. This is a hotly debated topic. On the one hand, it will provide the good insects a fighting chance to survive and serve the greater good. On the other hand, the weeds and bad insects might just take over the world.

One can see the results all over the city and country, and many lawns now have more weeds/dandelions than actual grass. And let me just remind all of you, that walking on, or sliding into home base on, dandelions is very slippery, perhaps not even safe. So I wanted to show a couple of photos of these brightly coloured spring-blooming flowers. It is rather amazing, really, that one plant can thrive and reproduce in such a surprising way.

These are just two random houses/farms along the country roads west of here.

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